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Content Management System

A CMS (Content Management System) is a great way for you to have control over your website once the site has been created. It enables you to add new pages, new articles, videos, images and more.  It means that once your web site is up and running you can keep it fresh and up-to-date.  If your business has a new offer, new staff member or service you will be able to add content without requiring (and paying for) a web designer to do it.

WordPress-cmsThe CMS that I install in websites is ‘WordPress‘. Used by over 60 million people, this is one of the most popular CMS’s and is used to power sites such as Vogue, The New Yorker and Mercedez Benz.  (More sites can be found on at WordPress Showcase).

WordPress is very simple to use and you can be up and running with it in 5 minutes.  Training can be given, but most people find it so easy to use, that a few hints and tips in an email is sufficient.  It’s administration area is user-friendly and very intuitive.

The internet is full of resources on how to use WordPress from video tutorials to articles, on various aspects, enabling you to have great control and power over how your posts and pages appear.

As well as allowing you to add pages and posts (news articles) it allows for features like eCommerce if you wish to sell products online. Most websites I create have WordPress installed, it is much harder to integrate it once your site is up and running, so I always recommend having a CMS, as even if it is something you may not need immediately, it’s features are usually required by your website at some point.

This video shows the WordPress administration dashboard where you can add new content:

 [youtube id=”Rlqm2mFaAIU” align=”left”  mode=”lazyload” border=”1″ autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”700″]

This video (despite using the older WordPress version) shows how easy it is to create a new post:

[youtube id=”M-MZgVqKU2o” align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”700″]





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