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The Ten Benefits of a Website


In this day and age the internet is often the first place people will go to find out about a business or organisation.  Here are the top ten advantages of having a website.


1. Save money: a web design is a relatively cheap marketing method in comparison to printed material such as flyers and advertisments

2. Inform: websites provide information without your presence, that can be kept up-to-date

3. Attract new clients: these days people are more likely to do a search on the internet for a service than pick up the yellow pages

4. Join the digial age: a good website gives your business credibility and prevents you losing out to competitors that have a good online presence

5. Get the client to act: websites can be a place for people to take action – purchase a good, send an enquiry form, comment on an article

6. Branding: Put across your brand image and values, such as clarity, professionalism

7. Analyse Data: inform your marketing decisions, by providing data on what articles, links, items clients visit most

8. Accessibility: websites can allow you to expand your market to customers all over the world

9. Customer Feedback: websites can provide an instant channel for customers to give useful feedback

10. Promotion: of your business is made easier by referring people to a website


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