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Adobe Illustrator Fun

I have always had a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and worked with it at UKiMedia & Events Ltd, but it is only recently that I have acquired full time access to it which means I have been doing lots of tutorials and learning the awesomeness that is Illustrator.

Being fluent in Photoshop has sped up my learning and helped me to get to grips with the programme more quickly, but the tutorials I have done have introduced me to the wonderful array of tools in it’s tool set.  Each tutorial introduced me to new techniques and time saving devices and were really enjoyable to do.  If you want to have a go, these are the tutorials I did:

[huge_it_gallery id=”1″]

My next step is to learn some new techniques, I am particularly interested in the work of Brian Rea and love his illustrations involving people and would like to learn how to emulate that style.



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