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Benefits of a Freelance Web Designer

So you need a website. What do you do?

There are many options, from trying to create one yourself through to getting a design agency to create a site for you. It really depends on your website needs obviously but for the majority of SME’s a freelance web designer is probably the best way to go.

The advantage of super low cost of making your own site or getting a friend to create one is heavily outweighed by the disadvantage that it often look s bad. A professional web designer has had lots of experience learning what works and what doesn’t. Obviously a design agency does too, but with a freelancer you are getting the following advantages.

Often you are the freelancer’s main client and primary concern, they will be giving you and your project 100% attention. With a design agency, your site could potentially be low down on their list of projects and priorities. This also means that just one person (the freelancer) will have 100% responsibility for your site, the buck will stop with them and won’t be passed around a different members of a team. In terms of communicating this means you will always speak to managing director (freelancer) as opposed to an account manager and your request of a revision or update can be acted upon almost immediately.

Another obvious advantage of a freelance designer is that their prices will be considerably lower than that of an agency. Low overhead costs for the freelancer means that they provide great value. Aftercare costs such as updates are often far cheaper too.

Personally I have found that working on a freelance basis I am able to put more focus, creativity and quality into a project compared with working as part of a company. A freelance web designer may not be suitable for your project, but it is an option definitely worth considering and in light of the advantages just given a good choice for most.

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